About the Author

Paul lives in Lincoln, RI with his wife, Janice, and their son Jake.

Paul earned an A.S. in mortuary science from Mt. Ida College and a B.A.in English from the University of Rhode Island. He studied screenwriting and film production at Columbia College in Hollywood, CA.

He has had numerous short stories published. His first novel, The Apostate, was published by Barclay Books, LLC in 2001. A second novel, Monstrosity, was scheduled for release in 2002, also from Barclay, before the publisher became defunct.

Paul has since shifted his focus onto non-fiction projects. Most recently, Life, with Cancer: The Lauren Terrazzano Story (HCI Books, October, 2012). This biography, co-authored with Frank Terrazzano (Lauren’s father) tells a tragic but inspiring story of an award-winning social journalist who was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 36 and began writing about her experiences with the disease in a weekly Newsday column, titled, “Life, with Cancer”

Caught In The Act, A family’s Fight to Save their Daughter from a Serial Killer, (Berkley Books, 2011) is a true crime book collaboration with Jeannie McDonough, the mother of a 15-year old who was attacked by a knife-wielding serial killer who entered their home in the middle of the night. Miraculously, Jeannie and her husband managed to subdue the intruder, who was arrested and later found to be responsible for two murders and another attack on a woman who survived her injuries.

From the Ashes, a book collaboration published in January 2010, describes the experiences of Gina Russo, who survived the Station Fire, a disaster that claimed a hundred lives at a West Warwick, RI nightclub on February 20, 2003. Paul assisted Gina Russo in writing this book about her survival from the fire and her long road to recovery as she came to terms with her injuries and the loss of her fiance.

From the Ashes is the source of a web series and documentary film project, THE STATION, with a release date beginning in February 2013, the ten year anniversary of the fire. Paul wrote the treatment for the project and helped in the production of THE STATION

November 2009 saw the publication of Strike IX, a chronicle of the plight of the 1999 Providence College Friars baseball team, which played out their last championship season after the school terminated the sport in order to conform to gender equity standards, as dictated by the TITLE IX federal sex discrimination law.

Paul is busy working on a new true crime book collaboration with Scott Hornoff, a former Warwick, RI police detective who was falsely imprisoned. He began serving a life sentence for a murder he did not commit, then after spending six and a half years behind bars, the real killer came forward and confessed.